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Leopard Print Is Not A Neutral

Leopard Print Is Not A Neutral

Have you heard? Leopard print is not the new neutral.

Fashion will try to tell you that leopard print should be sneaked in to your denim looks, or used to ‘pep up’ a simple black outfit. A flick of feline on your shoes, or a little meow of a scarf around your neck.

Not this leopard print.

High-kicking, high octane and silkily show-stopping, the Felinda range is a big old roar of a style statement that is not to be saved for moments in which you desire ‘neutrality’.

Jackie Collins once said, ‘my one weakness is wearing too much leopard print’ and this is the Agent Provocateur way to approach it. What would Jackie do? She’d enter a room with a big cat prowl and leave a spell of animal magic on all who met her.

There’s nothing neutral about the lustrous silk satin of the Felinda bodysuit, worn with brave intention, smudgy black eyeliner and spiky heels. Nothing apologetic about a pair of leopard big briefs, cut high on the bum for a cheeky thrill, worn with a knotted denim shirt and heels for the fashion fearless.

Leopard print is made to be worn like you mean it; picture Debbie Harry in a skin-tight bodysuit, platinum pouty punk gone wild. Think of Elizabeth Taylor in a pin-up leopard one-piece on the beach in the 50’s, the ultimate statement of Hollywood vampishness. It’s meant to be ravishing, rampant – and fun.

Because dressing up in leopard satin – not just any leopard print, but an exclusive leopard whose spots are made of cheeky pouting lips – should make you feel up for a good time. Like a cub ready to a romp with its play pal, like a huntress ready to pounce on her prey.

Leopards may use their spots for neutrality in the wild, but in the human wilderness, leopard print will do anything but keep you hidden.

If you want the new neutral, wear a tracksuit. If you want to purr until the sun comes up, wear leopard. Remember, an AP girl never changes her spots.

Posted Sep 26, 2016