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From Boudoir to Bacchanal and Back Again

From Boudoir to Bacchanal and Back Again

So you’ve got a party to go to..

But all you want to do is curl up in your bedroom with a cognac and some swaddling silk. I get it: I’ve been there.

How to drag yourself out? Drain the cognac, put on some heels and you’re ready to go. The only perker-upper you need? The drop-dead glorious lingerie you’re already wearing.

Here’s how to style up your barely-there’s to make a big entrance no matter what the night has in store.


The Bodysuit

What to wear: The Essie body in beguiling nude lace.

Why to wear it:  Because you love the 80’s and you’ve done the Jane Fonda workout video at least twice in your life.

Where to wear it: Anywhere you’re going to get sweaty. Bodysuits are made for dive bars and dancing.

How to wear it: Because of their XX-Oomph silhouette, bodysuits look cooler with something a little less fitted. A vintage pair of high waisted 501’s or a silky pair of culottes should nail it.

How to unwear it: Those little poppers aren’t just there to slow down your trips to the toilet you know.


The Jumpsuit

What to wear: The Saffi Jumpsuit in graphic black and blush Leavers lace.

Why to wear it: Because le freak c’est chic.

Where to wear it: To your next celebrity-packed fashion party. Watch them quake in your wake.

How to wear it: Bring the mega-statement down just a notch in volume with natural air-dried hair and minimal accessories.

How to unwear it: Rock out to some Velvet Underground for a slow temptation as you un-slip the sash, unhook the dainty buttons and shimmy shimmy shake it off.


The Gown

What to wear: The show-stopping Deziree gown, with added bustle for even more drastic proportions.

Why to wear it: Because you’re queen of the night.

Where to wear it: To any gathering where the invite came on embossed paper rather than via whatsapp.

How to wear it: For elegant soirées lit by candelabras, wear as a dress with a black silk choker and dizzying stilettos. For anything less ritzy remove the bustle and play the groupie in spike heels and skinny jeans.

How to unwear it: Unwrap those endless waist ties as slowly as you can manage – not only will it draw out the tease but you’ll be less likely to trip up in them.


Posted Jul 29, 2016