Interview with Abbey Lee Kershaw – our AW16 campaign muse

Interview with Abbey Lee Kershaw – our AW16 campaign muse

Q&A with Abbey Lee Kershaw

‘If there is no woman, there is no underwear’

Abbey Lee – artist, musician, model and actress, known for appearing in the movies, Mad Max: Fury Road, Gods of Egypt and most recently Neon Demon, was the perfect ‘woman in the underwear’ for this season’s campaign, as being the ideal example of modern femininity.

‘What really struck me about Abbey,’ says Shotton, ‘is despite her beauty and her accomplishments, she in not intimidating. She’s cool, and fun, and inherently sexy but still the kind of woman you want to go for a drink with. A woman’s woman.’

Read the full interview with Abbey Lee Kershaw, our Autumn Winter 2015 campaign muse below.

  1. What was your initial reaction when asked to be in the Agent Provocateur campaign?

 Flattered. Completely. 

  1. What was it like to work with Agent Provocateur team?

 I have worked in fashion for 10 years now and honesty they were one of the raddest teams. They are passionate and fun and generous and supportive and just all the things that make a company a delight to work with. 

  1. What was it like to work with Mario, is this your first time?

 Mario is a treat every time. I always feel good around him. He’s relaxed and focused and easy on the eyes 

  1. Would you like to work with Agent Provocateur again in the future and what other projects do you have coming up?

Of course I would. Without question. I’m shooting a couple of films over the next few months. I don’t work as a model so much anymore so I select very limited brands to work with. 

  1. How do you feel about following in the footsteps of past campaign girls like Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell?


  1. What do you like about Agent Provocateur?

It’s just so dam sexy. 

  1. Do you wear Agent Provocateur?

I’ve always had pieces of theirs. But the girls took me into a store after I shot the campaign and let me have a shop and taught me how to wear their stuff properly and now it’s under even my sweats. I would really recommended ladies do that. Take the time to spend some time with one of the girls in the shop. They know what they doing in there and it makes such a big difference. 

  1. Which is your favourite item from the AW16 collection?

 The corsets. I love a black corset. 

  1. How would you sum up Agent Provocateur in three words?

 Seductive, spicy, refined. 

Posted Jul 19, 2016