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The Full Bodied Red

The Full Bodied Red

Remember that long summer you spent with Dakotta? The sleek black swimsuit, slashed up to everywhere, that’s it’s impossible to get up to any good in? She has a sister, and she’s a red head. The new Dakotta is as a hot-headed, full bodied red, with hand-slashed peepholes perfectly placed to flatter and tease. Here’s our love letter to a very scarlet woman, with thanks to Robert Burns – who may not have had sexy swimwear in mind when writing in 1794.


Oh my love is like a red, red rose

That’s newly sprung in June

A one piece that’s a piece of art

For yachts and honeymoons


While others seek the shade, my love

In black and blue and grey

We’ll take our place on sand and deck

In a scarlet très risqué


The carefully positioned peeps

Of summer-honeyed skin

Will cause imagination leaps

In all who glance therein


Long aft’ the tan marks fade, my dear

You’ll remember all the fun

You had in hot Dakotta…

And out of her, post sun


Posted Jun 20, 2016

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