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Game On

Game On

It’s called athleisure and it’s a movement.

Thank Gigi. Thank Karlie. Thank Beyonce. Instagram has never been more bursting with pictures of downward dogs, detox smoothies and #strongnotskinny post workout avo-toast pics.

It’s called athleisure and it’s a movement. It’s a revolution. It’s time you got involved.

Athleisure is all about swapping hangovers for HIIT classes and post-club kebabs for pre-barre protein balls. And ensuring you’re wearing this season’s lycra and snapping it all in Juno filter to be beamed out to the Instagram world.

It’s all very commendable of course, this healthy lifestyle. But here at AP we don’t just want to go from barre to brunch – we want to go from beach to barre to brunch to bed. It’s what I like to call #athpleasure – and it’s coming to an AP store near you.


Athpleasure has got serious muscle when it comes to this summer’s vacation: whether you’re going island hopping with your beau or pool partying with your squad, it’s important that your swimwear has as much endurance as your bod. This season’s styles are sporty, sexy and ready to go the extra mile.

Here’s how to live the #Athpleasure lifestyle:


Accessorise appropriately:

In La-La-Land the key components for a paparazzi-worthy athleisure look are mirrored sunglasses and a bomber jacket. Don a pair of Maryna gold cuffs and pop a paddle in your tote bag to take it from leisure to pleasure.

Stick to a clean palette:

When you’re dishing up sheer panels, cutaways, high performance fabrics and gleaming abdominal muscles, it’s best to stick to block colours. Too much pattern will only distract from your perfect glutes.


Play hard:

Playing hard to get is so noughties. Just play hard. On the tennis courts, in the boxing ring, on the banana boat and between the sheets. The harder you play, the harder you – and your partner in crime – will feel.


So you’ve worked your little booty off on the reformer machine all winter. Show that strength off in the scantiest amount of fabric you can muster, whether it’s the extra-high leg cut of the Dakotta or the Marlene, or the deliciously cut-away midriff of the Hatty.


Swap gimlets for green juices:

But only until lunch time. Athpleasure is all about the good life – hot sex, hangovers and all.

Posted May 16, 2016