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Party In Pyjamas

Party In Pyjamas

The Pyjama Party: An Agent Provocateur Guide

Coco Chanel liked to do it on the beach. Louise Brooks did it in black and white. Kanye West does it on the stage.

We’re talking about wearing pyjamas in public – and not because you popped down the shops for a pint of milk in a onesie and your Uggs.

To wear a pyjama suit in public you must do so with unflinching conviction, carefree swagger and a hefty dose of panache. And the right pair of pyjamas, of course. Here’s how…

Cut to the chase

When wearing pyjamas in the public arena, tailoring is everything. The top should be neat on the shoulders and longline, and the trousers should be XXX wide. When Princess Irene Galitzine invented the palazzo pyjama pant in 1961, they were cut impossibly wide for extra languor – the kind that only princesses truly understand.

Be a man about it

Less Hugh Hefner in a sleazy dressing gown, more Gabrielle Chanel in her oversized beach pyjama suit circa 1922. Always buy a size up so that they skim and slouch rather than cling to your body.

Feel your way

Nothing is more appealing to an Agent Provocateur girl than the prospect of luxuriating around the place in swathes of fine silk.  Louise Brooks – who resided almost exclusively on chaise longues – often entertained in hers. And you’d better believe she wore only the finest yarns

Get your rocks off

Glittering cocktail rings, glistening rhinestone chokers, shoulder-grazing chandelier earrings… when it comes to accessorising your nightwear, it’s a case of more is more is more. Talitha Getty liked to wear a headdress with hers, which must have pleased Yves Saint Laurent no end when he called around for mint tea.

Get high

Pyjamas + flat shoes = slob. Avoid looking like a complete slattern by raising your shoe game. A pair of intimidatingly high stilettos is your key to looking like you’re ready to be bedded rather than ready for bed.

Only drink out of crystal coupes

Because for heavens sake, what else would you do?




Posted Mar 13, 2016