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Give Them The Slip

Give Them The Slip

It’s time to sound the siren call.

It’s time to sound the siren call. All you sex kittens; you Liz Taylor slink-alikes; you demimonde denizens. It’s time to come out of the boudoir and into the light, for Spring Summer 2016 has arrived, and ‘tis your season.

For too long now, fashion has been ruled with an iron minimalist fist but as of this season, sex is back. And not a minute too soon. From New York to Paris, the catwalks quivered with sexual innuendo as the slip became the season’s most desired item.

Of course, Agent Provocateur girls have been building up their collections of slippery silky things for years, so we have more than enough luxury slink in our lingerie wardrobes to take on the fashion crowd at their own game – and beat them. Beat them hard with a crystal paddle.

Here are the three cornerstones to underwear-as-outerwear dressing to observe this season.


The Little Black Slip
The Belle de Nuit of the fashion world, the black slip is a linchpin in any style seductress’s armament. Think Carine Roitfeld, trussed up in sky-high stilettos and smouldering with full-throttle French carnality.
For the black slip, fabrication is key. Slivers of lace and licks of satin ribbons create intrigue, so keep the focus on this rich millefeuille by minimising accessories and limiting your make-up to a post-coital smudge of black eyeliner.


The Wild Romantic
Barely-there, softly blushing and sweetly sensuous, the nude slip is the ultimate statement of femininity – and the hot ticket to the SS16 party. This is all about looking deliciously déshabillé and very near naked. Keep Courtney Love in mind as the dethroned prom queen, her tiara toppled and her faux fur slipping off her shoulders. On the Paris catwalks negligées were completed with stompy black boots and a perfect scarlet pout. It’s a look that teeters on the edge of innocence – though we all know you left that behind long ago.


The Fashion Rebel
The big question here of course is What Would Kate Do? Kate Moss is the owner, founder and undisputed front woman of The Fashion Slip. She’s given us the slip in so many guises: the Nineties Grunge Slip; the Rich-girl Appliqué Slip, the Fluid Gatsby Slip; the Entirely See-though Limelight-stealing Slip.