In Conversation with Sarah Shotton

In Conversation with Sarah Shotton

Following the launch of the Agent Provocateur collaboration with Charlotte Olympia, Sarah Shotton is featured in this months Marie Claire Hong Kong, talking lingerie, AP women, and how it all began!

How does the collaboration project come about? Why Charlotte Olympia?

This is now our second collaboration with Charlotte Olympia, and it is always so easy and fun! We’ve tried to make the lingerie combine the best of both brands, Agent Provocateur’s signature designs and Charlotte’s iconic prints and details creating a sexy yet playful lingerie collection.

Why did you join Agent Provocateur, a lingerie brand, rather than a fashion brand, after completing a fashion design degree?

 It was really a feeling, namely the feeling I had when I walked into an Agent Provocateur Boutique. I simply felt good and I had fun. I began to love my curves and finally found lingerie I felt really sexy in. I started working as a Sales Assistant in one of the boutiques in 1999. The nice thing about it is that you can be truly authentically sexy at Agent Provocateur, regardless of the mood you’re in. A woman sometimes wants to be dominant and strong but then her softer side comes out and she prefers girly and playful to daring and avant-garde. That’s completely normal and also important, it’s liberating and makes you happy. It was a natural progression that just felt right!

What is your favourite part of the design process?

It must be when the samples arrive. It’s so exciting to see my sketches and ideas coming alive.

Where do you get your most daring inspirations from?

I take inspiration from my surroundings, films and music which always allows fresh ideas to be explored seasonally. I’m always inspired by different at forms whether its film, art or even other designers. One of my favourite directors is David Lynch, I love the surrealism in all of his films. I also like looking back into the archives of the likes of Alaia, Galliano and John Paul Gaultier for inspiration.

If you could pick just one woman, past or present, to be the face of Agent Provocateur, who would it be and why?

The key to being an AP woman is confidence, if you feel secure within yourself you become very attractive to others. They are empowered and modern women who enjoy beautifully made lingerie.

Every woman’s body type is different. Isn’t it challenging designing for all women and body types? How do you cater to different body types?

All of our products are designed to accentuate the female form and so one design can accommodate a full range of body types. For example; a suspender belt will always synch in the waist and accentuate the hips no matter on the size of the wearer. Quite often we also make a number of fits within one range. The Love bra for example is available in a full cup for larger breasts and a demi cup for smaller sizes. We also always offer a choice between a thong or brief with each set.

Your lingerie are fancy and stunning, but many woman concern about the fit and comfort as well, how do you balance these elements in the design?

When designing I am always acutely aware of the dilemma finding  the right lingerie for beautiful, feminine curves At Agent Provocateur we always design lingerie that emphasizes womanly curves, we have styles to suit all shapes and sizes but we always try to make sure that we stay true to the female form.

Do you think lingerie can make a woman feel empowered and strong yet subtle and delicate?

Yes! Agent Provocateur is all about empowering women. We always design lingerie to emphasize a woman’s figure, that will make you feel sexy, erotic, and in charge. Lingerie is so great because you can use it to show different parts of your personality. We have some really racy sets and playsuits that can portray your sultry side, we have playful styles that can show your naughtier side and we equally have some more demure sets that are great for the girl next door.

How important is lingerie for the fashion-conscious woman?

It’s more about your attitude and how it makes you feel wearing Agent Provocateur then about the fashion. I like to think that wearing our lingerie helps women feel like they could conquer the world! 

Any tips for our readers to choose their perfect lingerie?

Every season we aim produce a new sexy collection in an innovative way and we are always interested in using new fabrics and experimenting with styles.


Posted Feb 4, 2016

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