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The Musings of Miss AP – Summer Moods

The Musings of Miss AP – Summer Moods

What kind of summer lover are you? Do you crave the feeling of sand between your toes, the sound of the gentle surf and nothing to think about but which beach shack you’ll hit up for sundowners? Or do you lead a Dolce Vita, with yacht trips, parties in Capri and vintage champagne at breakfast?

Whatever your summer groove, there’s an AP swimsuit to match. I like to think that my own summer covers all of these different incarnations, so here are my in-the-know tips for how to style out the best summer ever.



The Five Star Lounger

The Swimsuit: The Tricja in White

The Soundtrack: Frank Ocean’s Super Rich Kids on repeat.

The Accessories: A butler and a three-carat diamond.

The Icon:  Liz Hurley photographed frolicking in the waves in a white swimsuit in Suddenly, Last Summer.

The Drink: There should always be a magnum of Bolli on ice wherever you go.



The Pool Party Diva

The Swimsuit: The Dakotta, slashed to the thigh, to the breast-bone, and everywhere in between, will have all those poolside ravers standing to attention.

The Soundtrack: Your favourite DJ set to maximum volume.

The Accessories: Nothing but your own booty to shake – for 7 hours straight.

The Icon: Singer, sex-pot and 24-hour party girl Annabel Englund, who  saturates the dancefloors from Rio to Riga in rainbow rave dust.

The Drink: Vodka ginger beer is refreshing but sweet enough to keep your energy up when that beat drops one more time.



The Exotic Explorer

The Swimsuit: The Carter – a teeny tiny lo-fi scrap of shimmer to dazzle in.

The Soundtrack: 70’s disco riffs to bliss out to – lash on anything by Giorgio Moroder (of Donna Summer) when heading for a long coastal walk.

The Accessories: Jangling ankle bracelets and ethnic silver jewellery a go-go.

The Icon:
Bo Derek in the 1979 rom-com Ten – the epitome of tawny, corn-rowed, freewheeling summer perfection.

The Drink: Ice-cool coconut water drunk straight from the shell.

Collage_The Island Girl3


The Island Girl

The Swimsuit: The orgasm-red Harper, slung with chains and soaked with red-hot attitude.

The Soundtrack: Can’t beat the smooth upswing of a good bit of reggae and The Heart of the Congos are – in my humble opinion – the best.

The Accessories: A paddle board to tone those abs and, once you lay down to rest on it, to show off those magnificent gluts to the world.

The Icon:  Rihanna, in all her glowy-skinned, scantily-clad, liquid-honey hotness.

The Drink: A long, sweet, and deliciously intoxicating Mai Tai