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The SS15 Colour Guide

The SS15 Colour Guide

Never let it be said that we’re behind on our trends here at Agent Provocateur. We are both above fashion and underneath it (technically speaking) – but never, ever behind it.

So you will be unsurprised to learn that we are entirely up to date on the biggest colour trends for Spring Summer 2015. Pantone, the international authority on colour, has released its must-have hues of the season and the good news is, there’s a knicker to match each one!

Here’s the low-down…



Pantone says: ‘Evoking thoughts of soothing, tropical waters, Scuba Blue restores our sense of carefree playfulness, while invigorating the body and mind.’

Miss AP says: Forget soothing, and opt instead for your very own Rhapsody in Blue. Blue underwear is only for the lavish so electrify your knicker drawer in shades of gently lapping turquoise water (Liza laps in all the right places), richly scintillating teal (Cassia is for bedroom blue-bloods only), and sundance sparkle aqua (Czarinah is as mesmerising as a mermaid).




Strawberry Ice

Pantone Says: Strawberry Ice is suggestive of a cooling and refreshing delicacy, yet its warmth as a color is quite appealing.

Miss AP Says: Underwear so red-hot you’ll need a strawberry ice to run over your entire body once you’ve got it on. All the better for someone to lick it off you. We like to refer to the colour of Lolah as ‘Climax Coral’ because of its ultra-feminine, blushy tone, whilst Denver and Tammi are a more classic siren red, ready to light up the night – and leave all quaking in their wake.




Toasted almond

Pantone Says: Toasted Almond, a suntanned neutral, offers timeless, comforting warmth. Reminiscent of the sun on our skin in the spring and summer months.

Miss AP says: There’s no colour more enticing in the bedroom than the shade of your own flesh. We make our nude underwear ultra-sheer to flatter almost any skin-tone. Try the Gloria for a naked whisper that almost covers your modesty with flickers of embroidery, or go for gold in desert-hot Zaharah.





Pantone Says: Emanating warmth and happiness, Custard serves as an all-encompassing yellow for the spring palette.

Miss AP Says: Yuck. Why would anyone ever want to wear custard? Instead, we prefer the blisteringly bright yellow of the Axis, a colour we affectionately refer to as ‘Yolo Yellow’. Because you only live once, babes, so do it boldly.





Posted May 1, 2015