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AP Bridal: A Labour of Love

AP Bridal: A Labour of Love

Some people like to write love letters to their intended on their wedding day; tearfully scrawled notes sprayed with perfume and brimming with sweet memories and deep passionate stirrings.

It’s lovely, of course, but I’m firmly of the belief that your wedding day is not a time for dwelling on the past, but rather for accelerating into a climactic future. Instead of a weepy letter, why not get the best man on your wedding morn to deliver to your betrothed a sealed enveloped, containing nought but your wedding knickers?(you will of course have two pairs : as every bride well knows, there’s one set for day, and one set for night). On a day when excitement is at an all-time high, this will send him into overdrive and remind him more than any love letter ever could, that he has made the right choice.

The question is, which knickers? The sourcing of your wedding lingerie is in itself is a labour of love, and it is worth more than a thousand love letters.

Here’s how to get it right:


  1. The Magic Number

What’s your size? Get it wrong on your wedding day at your peril. VPLs and bra bulges are the stuff of bridal nightmares: avoid such stuff by booking a bridal appointment with our Agents at your nearest Agent Provocateur boutique. You’ll be measured, pampered, flattered and fixed up as the beauteous bride-to-be you always knew you’d be.


  1. The Shape of Things to Come

What makes you feel most sensuous? Is it a teeny tiny sliver of a satin thong? Or do you love the bubbly brazen appeal of a full sheer brief? The shape of your lingerie depends largely on the dress you will be wearing, but is also hugely dependent on what makes you feel ravishing. If your cleavage is your best asset then look to bouncing enhancing Molly, if your ass is your prize consider the outlandishly cut-away Lacy. And if it doesn’t fit right under your dress, there’s always the wedding night….


  1. Finishing School

Our wedding lingerie is the product of hours, days – nay – months of labour, by lace workers, embroiderers, beaders and scallopers. Here are the finishes you should keep an eye out for…
Embroidery: For the traditionalist. Look to Gloria, Bethanie and Petunia for the finest whispers of embroidered blooms to give a barely-there suggestion of modesty.
Lace: For the romantic. The Love and Annoushka are the perfect expressions of bridal femininity on your wedding day.
Beading: For the bold. The more adventurous bride will treasure the tiny hand-sewn crystals of the Czarinah to commemorate her wedding day.


  1. The Final Flourish

Accessories maketh the bride. A bra and knickers are only the beginnings of your adventure in soon-to-be-wed bliss. A garter of frilly lace is an essential, of course, but don’t forget the stockings that he must climb to the top of to remove it, or the post-coital negligee to slip into once you awaken on that triumphant morning-after.


  1. The Post Script

You are only a bride for one day, but you are a wife for life: start things off the right way on the honeymoon. My ideal checklist would contain the following: a salacious playsuit to attack him in once the sun has set over the sea, one or two perfectly form-fitting swimsuits to tease him with by the pool, and a silky cover-up to waft around in whilst sipping on a Mai Tai and relishing in your own unadulterated euphoria.