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Swimwear Special: Got it? Here’s how to flaunt it…

Swimwear Special: Got it? Here’s how to flaunt it…

Agent Provocateur swimwear is not for wallflowers.

Agent Provocateur swimwear is not for wallflowers. For each racy bikini that makes it onto our shop floor, there’s a crack team of designers who’ve put in many grueling hours on beaches from Ipanema to Bondi, observing thousands of beautiful bodies to work out what straps highlight which body parts best.

Every woman’s got a body part that she’s proud of. Come on now, I know you’ve got one – your eyelashes? Your toned arms? I have one friend whose favourite part in her whole body is her septum. Don’t know how she found that out – but good for her.

We’re glass half full here at Agent Provocateur so rather than focusing on swimwear that covers your least favorite body parts, we like to shine the spotlight on your best ones. What better spotlight is there in the wide world than the hot sizzling summer sun?

Here’s how to shop our dazzling new swimwear collection, to shine the light on the very best of what God gave you.


Baby got back

Got a bubble butt? Here’s a top tip straight from our friends in Rio: the smaller the knicker, the better your ass looks.

Raven: a beachside come-on if ever there was one, Raven is made of wet-look shimmering black straps and is cut so small on the bum that no peaches can fail to look just a little bit peachier in its slick confines.

Mazzy: I’ve yet to find a girl whose ass doesn’t look jaw-dropping in the Mazzy. If your booty is your prized possession, then mark my words; framing it between Mazzy’s boldly graphic straps will make it an even greater prize.

Berry: This is the very definition of an itsy witsy teeny weeny slinky smoking hot bikini. That little strip of dental floss in between your cheeks is the bikini bottoms, and its sole purpose is to highlight just how mind-blowing your behind is.


Legs 11

Great legs are a gift; you’ve either got ‘em or you don’t. They can’t be bought, borrowed or worked-out so if you’ve got them, then you damn well want every last inch of them out on show.

Dakotta: This is Baywatch version 2.0 – the super-high cut on the legs is ultra-90’s and will make your legs look like they could cross the Pacific in two easy strides.

Varla cover-up: Girls with Amazonian legs have an edge when it’s time to throw on a cover-up. They’re appropopriately attired for the beach club but they’ve still got their glorious limbs fully out on display. Nothing shows this better than the butt-skimming wet-look Varla. Serious siren stuff.



My humps

Girls blessed with an amazing rack often have a hard time dressing fashionably – but they have the last laugh once they hit the beach.

Lyssandra: Boost your bosoms to dizzying heights with Lyssandra’s cleverly padded halter bra top, which rests chicly underneath the microfiber straps, to give the illusion that you are defying gravity.

Remmi: If Ursula Andress was to do it all over again, she’d do it black and she’d do it in the Remmi. Sculpted to perfection, this is a suit that no man, woman or living being of any kind can tear their eyes away from.

Shelby: Whether you plump for the swimsuit or the bikini, there’s only one thing that’s guaranteed to look plumper in the upwardly-mobile Shelby, and that’s your breasts.



All about those abs

A washboard stomach is the holy grail of bikini-wearing. Some girls avoid carbs all winter to get it, but you’ve just got it. Life’s not fair sometimes.

Lanna: It’s that little inverted triangle shape in the Lanna that serves to highlight your perfect torso – we call it the golden triangle. Put it on your bucket-list now.

Nino: This is another adjustable strappy number, whose neon lycra straps can be worn high or low on the hips, or not at all if that’s what you feel better highlights your fabulous form.

Lexxi: Criss-cross, strip-strap Lexxi is a winding, binding bombshell of a bikini that looks insanely good when wound seductively around a gently carved stomach. Its super-athletic shape will make you look like you’ve trained for the Olympics even if you’ve done nothing more than sip on pina coladas.


Posted Mar 23, 2015