The Love Story behind Wanted Badly

The Love Story behind Wanted Badly

How did the world’s greatest artist become the worlds most wanted? A crime of passion, of course.

It was a cloak and dagger tale of enchantment and entrapment. True love lost in translation through dangerous liaisons, secrets and lies. How did the world’s greatest artist become the worlds most wanted? A crime of passion, of course. He should have told her. She never knew.

When The Pink Detective Agents’ surveillance shows a dangerous ring of art thieves setting eyes upon the world’s most famous artist, Naomi, they draft in a male detective from overseas to infiltrate the criminal circle in order to bring the villains down. Planted as a top new recruit within the crooked ring, the secret detective is commanded by bandit bosses to entice Naomi and win her trust in order to steal from her the world’s most valuable piece of art. But by the time plans are set to steal her art, she has already stolen his heart. Through some indiscretions in his weakest moments, Naomi discovers only a fraction of the truth, his false criminal identity.

With her heart broken, she seeks revenge on this art thief – this heart thief. The tables’ turn; the hunter and the hunted. Oblivious of his true love for her – and his real identity – a flawlessly lawless Naomi plays him in a cruel game of cat and mouse, prolonged for her personal pleasure before he meets his sticky end. A smoke screen siren, she wove a wanton web of intricate lace lies and sub rosa silks, luring him into moonlight mayhem and silencing him with her secret ceremony. She should have come with a warning. She ached just like a woman, but she swung him a double-edged sword. Enter our internationally-acclaimed freethinking circle of decadent detectives … to find his smoking gun.

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