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The Party Season Dress Code

The Party Season Dress Code

The Party Season Dress Code

These days, it’s easy to think that prescribed dress codes belong within the walls of Downton Abbey rather than in your own social diary.
But when you are truly glamorous, nothing should ever be ‘easy’ – apart from your morals perhaps. This season, every social occasion should be rigorously researched and each dress code carefully adhered to out of respect for your host, to ensure you mingle graciously all the way to 2015.

Winter Wedding
Winter weddings are becoming increasingly popular (or maybe it’s just me that’s popular – I have 3 in December, much to my chagrin).

Because winter weddings take place almost entirely within the hours of darkness, the dress code tends to be either black tie or evening wear and it gives you a perfect excuse to bring out the big guns. Most of your fellow guests will choose to wear gowns, but my recommendation for this holiday season is to show them all up by wearing a tuxedo. Take Marlene Dietrich as your muse and pour yourself into the razor sharp Billy jacket for a look that will make your dinner partners feel like they’ve bagged the seating plan jackpot.

A Night at the Opera

In London, a night at the opera is where you sort the wheat from the chaff. The chaff are the ones in blinging bandage dresses who clap at the wrong moment in the music (utterly mortifying), and who rustle their Malteser packets in the middle of the aria. Do not count yourself amongst them. Sit on your hands so that you will not clap until at least 50 serious-looking old people begin to do so, and wear some well-tailored cigarette pants with heels and the Mistie kimono draped elegantly on top. The piano shawl tassels will make a subtle nod to the occasion but you will look low-key enough to seem like you are from so many generations of money .

The Office Party

This is your opportunity to show a little more skin than Barry from accounts normally gets to see. I’m not encouraging hijinx on the photocopier or anything, but if you are the kind of girl who might end up in that situation then the Emiko dress is your failsafe party number. A slinky cowl neckline at the front gives way to a dramatic open back, and a hemline that grazes just so high on the thighs that really it isn’t that much of a leap at all to go from dance-floor to cheeky photocopies in one swift manoeuvre.

Aunt Eileen’s carols and mince pie party

Just try not to shock anyone here, ok? If you are planning on consuming anything more than two mince pies then you will relish the soft power-mesh contours of the Theadora, which with its buttoned-up slinkiness will fool all the oldies into thinking you are on-point – but those you allow to get a little closer to you underneath the mistletoe will discover that those ruffles of sheer lace might allow a glimpse of something scintillating beneath.

Posted Dec 13, 2014