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The Art of the Négligée

The Art of the Négligée

To be a truly seductive woman one must live and breathe sex and sensuality every waking hour. Not for the true seductress a pair of baggy jersey pyjama pants and an over-sized rugby shirt just because she’s behind closed doors. No: behind closed doors is her place to shine.


Now that the clocks have gone back and the nights are growing longer, my plans for the next few months revolve largely around burying myself in my burrow with my man and not emerging until spring comes around. That’s four months of hibernation; 120 evenings of gleeful slothfulness; at least 12 scented candles burned and an incalculable number of bottles of Barolo drunk.

You can be damn sure I’m going to be dressed appropriately.

Below is my capsule hibernation wardrobe. Invest in these four essentials and they will last you many winters of content to come.

The Robe

The mainstay of the hibernation wardrobe is of course the dressing gown, which should be hung near the bed ready to be shrugged on over naked post-coital skin or as an extra layer over your negligee. I like mine to be long and swaddling so that I can be warm and toasty and at liberty to flash as much or as little leg as I like.

The Negligee
Of course, there are the pretty little scraps of nothing that we all like to slip into from time to time and imagine we are Betty Draper or Ann Sheridan, but this is an essentials wardrobe we are building here and a Chrissy babydoll let’s face it isn’t going to keep you warm on a cold winter’s night. I own the Luna slip in at least three different colourways – the silk georgette is warm, figure-hugging and deliciously slithery when between the sheets. A must-have for the canny hibernatress.

The Pyjamas
How lovely it is to curl up beside a loved one and watch a movie when the rain is beating down outside. Do not approach those leggings and that jumper; instead, slip into a set of supremely elegant silk pyjamas. The extra long silk trousers lend a feeling of impossible cosiness, and the sash tie jacket can be tied up to reveal just enough cleavage to keep your cohort suitable stimulated.

The Perfume
A signature scent should not be reserved for your admiring public – it should also be used in limited doses to intoxicate the person who sees you in your most intimate moments. I have been wearing the same Agent Provocateur scent for years and all it takes is a little spritz on the neck and behind the knees to lift my mood to appropriate levels of eroticism. You may not need to light the fire after all.