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Miss AP’s Guide to Losing your Inhibitions

Miss AP’s Guide to Losing your Inhibitions

Miss AP’s Guide to losing your Inhibitions

There’s more to losing your inhibitions than chucking back another coupe of champagne.
If you are one of those people who is burdened with those pesky little things often referred to in terms such as ‘hangups’, ‘blockages’ ‘shyness’ or even ‘self-suppression’, then it is imperative you learn – just as Dante learned at the gates of hell to abandon all hopes – to abandon all inhibitions at the precipice of heaven.

Step 1

This may seem obvious, but you are never going to know what makes you feel good unless you’ve worked it out for yourself. Try it – it ain’t no Rubik’s Cube to work out.Step2

Forget the tawdry world of The Internet for turn-ons. If you really want to discover the key to lasting loss of sexual inhibitions, turn to literature. There’s a book called My Secret Garden by Nancy Friday which I discovered under my mum’s bed at least 5 years before I ought to have. It’s a collection of real women’s erotic fantasies, compiled during the 1970’s when women’s imaginations seemed to run really wild.
Step 3

The most erotic place is your own imagination. Start with the inspiration you have taken from your chosen erotic fiction, and then run with it, deep into your own psyche. Run wild, run free, run to get you exactly where you want to go.
Step 4
If talking dirty and walking smutty makes you blush, here’s a quick fix: put on some underwear you wouldn’t normally wear, don a mask and give yourself a new name. I’ll bet your alter ego gets her kicks.
Step 5

A pleasure shared is an inhibition scared. That’s my motto anyway – confide in someone your turn-ons, and you will find those little niggling doubts evaporating.
Step 6

Step 7