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Getting Ready With The Starlette

Getting Ready With The Starlette

The origin of the word ‘glamour’ comes from a 17th century Scottish phrase meaning ‘to cast a spell’. The Starlette must have a dose of Celtic blood running through her veins, because she knows a thing or two about the importance of a little magic when it comes to seduction and glamour. Never would you spot this bird of paradise scrubbing around with chipped nails and fraying hems – she’s nothing short of sparkling. But as any magician would tell you, preparation is key when it comes to creating magic.

Here’s how to wave a little glamour wand over your routine so that you’re always poised to put stars in your admirers’ eyes.

It’s all down to timing…
The key to maintaining glamour is never being late on account of your getting-ready routine. If you show up late to a party looking fabulous, everyone will just assume you have been labouring over yourself for hours – and that is not at all glamorous.

Know thyself…
What’s the one thing you won’t leave the house without? For the Starlette it’s a glossy coat of tinted lip balm, without which she feels entirely disheveled. Yours might be a blow-dry or a slick of mascara. Always keep your A-product ready and leave time to apply it so that you are guaranteed to feel utterly lustrous as you walk out the door.

Have a fallback plan
Bad hair day? Lost your mojo? Always have a uniform that you can slip into which you know suits your body and makes you look great.
The Starlette’s is black skinny jeans, Charlotte Olympia Kitty flats and a navy silk blouse that she can undo by a few buttons if the day extends into night.

Glamour starts from within…
Start with your knickers and the rest will follow.

True glamour extends to all areas of life
The Starlette always keeps a stack of thank you cards and stamps in her desk and a bottle of Champagne cooling in the fridge so that she’s always ready to give and take with grace.

Indulge yourself…
If you’ve got an event, then enjoy your time to shine. Leave yourself plenty of time to have a bath, light scented candles, play your favourite records and mix yourself a martini. Have some nibbles as you get ready – it is never chic to turn up to a party ravenous.

Indulge everyone else…
Just by being there. You have done everything you need to do to feel just like yourself – but on purpose. Now forget all about it and revel in the limelight. That’s exactly where a true Starlette belongs.