Introducing The Girls of Agent Provocateur…

Introducing The Girls of Agent Provocateur…

Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to Le Salon. It feels good to say that – I’ve been bottling my excitement about this new collection for what seems like aeons now, and having seen the whole thing develop from a naughty little twinkle in Sarah Shotton’s eye to the full-blown orgiastic glamour you see before you today, you can understand my excitement.

But first, meet your hostesses for this all-night, all-out, no-holds-barred party. They’ve been dying to meet you.




La Demoiselle

La Demoiselle sets temperatures soaring the moment she sweeps into the room in peekaboo satins and sheaths of silk. With a flash of honey-toned leg and a slow flicker of her darkly rimmed eyes, she reduces those before her to blubbering gawkers.

The Icon: Jerry Hall, whose silken blond mane, slow Texan drawl and licentious limbs made her the girl at the party who people flocked to like moths to a dazzling flame.

What she wears: Every Bond girl needs an icon in her armament, and the ‘Patti’ set, made of rich black satin and held together only by glimmering metal bars, is the scene stealer that completes her siren sex appeal.




The Starlette

Everything the Starlette wears is gilded, graceful and impossible to tear your eyes away from. She’s the one right underneath the disco ball, swaying sensually to the rhythm, draped in gold chains and tassels that sweep mesmerizingly across her curves.

The Icon: Loulou de la Falaise, the exotic blue-blood who set Paris alight with her style, beauty and wicked sense of fun.

What she wears: Rich and remarkable things intoxicate the Starlette, and the ‘Yoshie’ set with its plunge style bra in finest nude enriched with intricate French floral embroidery is catnip for her.




The ShowGirl

Self-confessed exhibitionist, the showgirl favours eye-popping brights and saturated sex appeal. Sparkling and effervescent, she’s lustrous with self-confidence and irresistible to all she meets.

The Icon: Pat Cleveland was the firebird with a theatrical streak, whose motto in life was “I am a showgirl and I live like a showgirl.”

What she wears: Showgirls will thrill to wear this season’s incarnation of the ‘Zuri’, which comes with disco ball glimmer thanks to the lurex embroidery on the sheer black tulle.




Belle de Nuit

Not every girl needs the limelight; some prefer to weave a black magic over their suitors. Shrouded in diaphanous silks and eyes burning brightly, she always saves the best for last.

The Icon: Isabella Rossellini, whose captivating beauty and wildly unconventional mind made her a bewitching character.

What she wears: Enigmatic temptresses will twinkle in the ‘Chiki’, which makes use of glittering silver thread to add an extra layer of intrigue to its rich French embroidery.