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Miss AP – Holiday Count Up

Miss AP – Holiday Count Up

At this time of year the glossy magazines are packed with sun-soaked editorials dedicated to telling you how to get ‘holiday ready’. Two months to go: ditch the carbs. One month to go: hit the green juice. Two weeks to go: exfoliate like your life depends on it. One week to go: pedicure, manicure, spray tan, Botox, implants, etcetera.

Personally I prefer to count UP to my holiday. Here’s how…

Count up your swimsuits. Create a space where you can start piling them up from two weeks before you leave. Look how much more colourful your room looks! Lyssandra, Mazzy and Montana are the perfect poolside companions.

Count up the amount of restaurants you’ve circled in your guide book to visit when you arrive.

Count up the savings that you are going to spend on sunset cocktails, calamari, afternoon magnums of rosé and rose oil massages.

Count up the amount of Instagram followers that you are going to bombard with sickening blue sea vistas, toes-in-sand snaps and languid bikini selfies with Aperol spritz in hand. I find the Cee-Cee and Tricja to be the most effective.

Count up the discounts you are getting on all your summer holiday purchases because – haha! – you’ve managed to outsmart the fashion system and get all your summer things on sale just in time for your va-cay!

Count up the number of days you will spend having lazy mornings and early nights as often as you like because that’s what holidays are for.

Then once the flight takes off and you’re up in the air, you won’t even need to take a deep breath and settle in to the holiday, because you’re already on a high.

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