Falling for Fatale

Falling for Fatale

Today marks the launch of our brand new fragrance! Say HELLO to Fatale.
Inspired by the infamous sirens that graced the glamorous Hollywood age, the latest fragrance in the AP repertoire is a voluptuous concoction of addictive florals – heavenly gardenia, smoky patchouli and violet scented Orris. Epitomised by the woman it represents; luxurious, enigmatic and seductive. She is liquid desire – a potent weapon of seduction

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Now here are Miss AP’s 5 Femmes Fatales to inspire a little lingerie role-play…

Everyone loves the femme fatale. Why? Because there’s simply no other option. She’s mysterious, alluring, double-crossing, smoking hot and ultimately, deadly.

Perfect inspiration, then, for your lingerie drawer.
Here are my favourite movie femmes fatales for when I want to indulge in a little dress-up.

Kathryn Merteuil in Cruel Intentions
Played by: Sarah Michelle Gellar
What does a bored, rich, conniving, incestuous she-devil do to get her kicks? She systematically unravels the lives of her schoolmates. A vile character, played with sizzling sex appeal by Sarah Michelle-Gellar.
What she’d wear: She wears the Damson waspie and the bust-enhancing Love demi bra to entice Sebastian to participate in their little bet.

Suzie Toller and Kelly van Ryan in Wild Things
Played by: Neve Campbell and Denise Richards
These teenage schemers have youth and beauty on their side as they systematically ensnare every man that crosses their path in order to lay their hands on the prize: a huge lump of cash.
What they’d wear: Zonia and Cee Cee – the smallest, skimpiest bikinis possible for that infamous pool scene.

Cat-woman in Batman Returns
Played by: Michelle Pfeiffer
‘The thought of busting Batman makes me feel all… dirty.’ Cat-woman is one crazy-ass mama and as she cartwheels and catapults her way through Gotham City and the dreams of many men, she does it in only the slinkiest, sexiest black getup.
What she’d wear: The black Harlequin eye mask and the Delilah set underneath all that latex.

Lynn Bracken in L.A Confidential
Played by: Kim Basinger
Veronica Lake look-alike Lynn Bracken is the top-earning escort in a sleazy 1950’s LA prostitution ring. But is she or isn’t she part of a murder plot? She’s too damn silky and seductive for the police to catch out.
What she’d wear: She’d slink around her boudoir in the Luna long slip, and pour her delicious curves into the barely there Electra Brief.

Catherine Tramell in Basic Instinct
Played by: Sharon Stone
That infamous leg-cross.
What she’d wear: Well, what do you think?


*Available in selected boutiques only. Excludes France, Australia, China, Mexico and Bloomingdale’s concessions.