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Miss AP – Night Night, Sleep Right

Miss AP – Night Night, Sleep Right

The other night while out for cocktails with some girlfriends, I heard a horrifying story. One of the girls present, we’ll call her Lola, has a long history of sleep walking. Believing it to be a relatively unimportant character trait left over from childhood, she failed to mention it to her boyfriend. He found out the hard way when one weekend, in the first blooms of their new relationship, they went to meet his parents and stay the weekend down the country. After a long and pleasant dinner with plenty of French Bordeaux, his parents bid Lola and their son good night. They had not seen the last of her. She next appeared to them at approximately 2.08am, at the foot of their bed, stark naked and in a deep slumber. And there she remained until the distraught mother managed to shake the son awake and bring him, bleary-eyed, to rescue his new squeeze and guide her back to his own bed. According to Lola, the only silver lining of the whole charade was that the mother had been in bed at the time. Had she sleepwalked into to find the father alone, well, nobody would ever now how that might have ended.
How does one avoid a disaster such as this? It’s simple, buy a nightie. Various nocturnal occasions require appropriate slumber wear, and one must furnish oneself accordingly. Had Lola been wearing even the tiniest slip of a silk negligee, her mortification might have been spared. Here are my suggestions to ensure you’re always covered at night…

A weekend in the countryside with relatives (in-laws, out-laws): Classic pyjamas
Any time you are going to be breakfasting communally in your nightwear, remember this: rolling into the kitchen with smeared make-up and anything shorter than suspender length is simply not acceptable when there are extended (and possibly excited) blood relations around.

Sleepover with the girls: Luna silk cami and shorts
You need to think about how you will look when you all start the inevitable pillow-fight. Or at least that’s what men would like to think. In reality, you’re sitting around drinking vodka sodas and discussing in grown hairs. But if you’re decked out in silk, at least you are in part living up to the fantasy.

Work trip: Novah Slip
The Novah slip is an important piece to have in your repertoire for trips away on your own. When you are holed up in some dull corporate hotel it’s important to have a little luxury to counteract the beige carpets and depressing television. And if any colleague should come knocking you are just about covered up enough to be professional. Only just.

At home with your boyfriend/spouse/sex slave: Bobbie Babydoll
I find that most men like to sleep next to a body that is entirely naked. But if you must, a babydoll that is entirely see-through such as the Bobbie or the Ambrose is almost naked enough.



Posted Jun 2, 2014