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Beyond the Knicker Drawer

Beyond the Knicker Drawer

Beyond the knicker drawer with Paula di Principe Goldstein

Miss AP gets up close and personal with esteemed knicker-wearers across the globe.

This week, style editor for Purple Magazine Online, founder of Voyage D’etudes and international minx of mystery Paula di Principe Goldstein uncovers the secrets of her knicker drawer for Miss AP’s – and your own – delectation.

Can you remember your first Agent Provocateurs?

When I first started dating my husband I was still a fashion student and luxuries were very few and far between. His home at the time was a rather insane single house left in a terrace that had been knocked down around it – water came through the kitchen ceiling and there was a score sheet to count mice on the wall. However it was one of the most romantic times of my life and amidst the low key lifestyle he would buy me a weekly gift! One of the first being bubble-gum pink Agent P knickers! I remember opening the box and dancing around in them like a Disney Princess even if I had to watch every other step in case a floor board fell through.

If that set could speak what would it say?

I think they would sing actually

“Be young be foolish but be happy”

If your knicker drawer was a themed party what would that be?

I think it would be a strict fancy dress or come as your favourite film, I tend to dress as characters depending on my mood right down to my pants, I might try to play innocent 60’s baby doll in cream fluffiness, then some short of fetish creature in black elastic, a practical white cotton brief for when I’m being a capable 90’s Meg Ryan movie character, you get the idea.

What do you have too much of?

Black, I don’t know why I think I need 1 million pairs of black knickers but they always seem like I’m making a grown up choice it also makes for easier packing, I’m traveling a lot and so it seems I will snatch up less horrible colour clash disasters – yet I think its now gone too far.

Beyond the Knicker Drawer
Beyond the Knicker Drawer

And what do you wish your knicker drawer was filled with?

I think I need more film noir to add to the collection, the type of silky slinky things that one can wear when smoking in French hotel rooms whilst discussing how melancholy one feels about the lack of good champagne in the mini bar.


Do you have lucky knickers?

I don’t know if I have lucky knickers as such but I do a few a few pairs of happy knickers that seem to bring more joy to my day – take that as you wish.


Where do your knickers like to holiday? 

They and I just came back from La Gomera which was a rather amazing find for winter sun in Europe and so hidden and quiet we went naked swimming on the lava stoned beaches meaning my knickers got to truly relax on their own in the sunshine.


Can you tell us a knicker tale from your past? 

When I was younger I always wanted to be more glamorous and grown up (I guess every little girl does) and aged about 8 my older teenage cousin was staying and I found she had a treasure trove of frilly things with her – I decided to obviously take a pair and wear them to school to see how grown up I would feel, however the sizing was a little off and they kept slipping down, yet never one to give up when style is at stake I worked out if I stapled them to my school skirt they would stay up just fine, however un-attachment proved an issue and although the school skirt survived the ordeal relatively unscathed I’m not sure my cousin ever worked out what had decimated her poor pants. I sort of hope she never reads this.