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Miss AP – In The Mood

Miss AP – In The Mood

Remember those mood rings everyone had in the nineties? Aquamarine meant you were down in the mouth; grey you were pensive; violet you were aroused. Mine was always a murky brownish navy and I presume everyone else’s was too, given that they cost about £3 apiece so their scientific exactitude couldn’t exactly be counted on.

Want to know a better mood indicator? Your underwear. What do you find yourself reaching for in your knicker drawer on a morning when you’re feeling devious? What do you pull out when you’re planning a seduction?   Here’s the science part.

Devious: Bright Pink
Whenever I’m feeling mischievous I find myself plumping for a rude dash of colour – a scintillating pop of neon satin to peep out from underneath a chambray shirt when I’m leaning up against the coffee counter in the morning. Extra foam, please, barista.
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Sensuous: Nude
Sometimes all you want is some time alone, to enjoy the feeling of being in your own skin, and maybe even enjoy the pleasure of your own skin. Go ahead. Nude underwear is for you and nobody else – it signifies confidence, comfort and a sophisticated sensuality – which is why it’s actually one of the more alluring colours you could wear.
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Economic With The Truth: White
I never find myself reaching for white underwear (the laundry issues!) EXCEPT for the times when I want to lead someone down the garden path. A flash of white tulle and boom, I am purity personified; innocent, clean and armed with a cupboard full of Daz. In reality I’ve been there done that and had to use Vanish Whitener as a result. This is the sexiness of wearing white underwear – it allows you to play dress-up and pretend to be somebody you’re almost certainly not.
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Bold: Yellow, Turquoise
Mouthwatering brights are the knickers to reach for when you are heading out to a rum shack with the girls, to listen to reggae and lure the barmen into a game of limbo. When you’re feeling bold enough to hitch up your skirt and get low, you should definitely have something on underneath that packs a punch.
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Regal: Black
I feel regal all the time, that’s why my underwear drawer is filled with black. But you know, even queens have to take a break from time to time.
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