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Sarah Shotton Talks Hosiery

Sarah Shotton Talks Hosiery

1. Why should women wear hosiery?

They are very sexy, the perfect alternative to a restrictive pair of tights.

2. How do you feel when you wear hosiery?

Sexy, naughty & expensive.

3. Why do you wear hosiery?

That great feeling of the fabric rubbing on your thighs, they smooth out any imperfections – an instant Photoshop for your legs.  Hosiery elongate your legs and depending on the denier chosen they can add definition.  My favourite item in the lingerie wardrobe is the suspender with hosiery which nips your waist in, frames your bottom and overall give you the best proportions a woman can want.

4. Which is your favourite piece of AP hosiery?

Seam & Heel nylons in nude & black or black & blackFully Fashioned stockings and of course the Snake hold ups.

5. Do you match your stockings to your lingerie / Are there any strict rules on matching your hosiery to your lingerie?

Yes I try to.  To give an example would be Fully Fashioned stockings with Lacy.  There are no blatant rules, just whatever really takes your fancy.

6. What are the do’s and don’ts of hosiery?

Do – keep hosiery in dedicated bags
Do – Once laddered or clipped throw away
Don’t machine wash.  It’s hand wash only
Don’t be selective when you wear hosiery
Don’t take them off

7. Different hosiery for different occasions, what do you wear to work/day/night/play?

Any type of hosiery, any time of day or night and definitely for play.  As long as you always include a pair of hosiery in your outfit. I LOVE hosiery.

Posted May 2, 2014