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Miss AP’s Bridal Trousseau

Miss AP’s Bridal Trousseau

When Lady Georgina Spencer Cavendish married the Duke of Devonshire bridal troussea was so lavish it took almost a year for her family to put it together. A vast inventory of stockings, gloves and gowns and robes were packed into trunks to prepare the bride for life with her new husband. I can’t say I recommend spending your life’s worth on smalls for your wedding, however I must say I find the whole idea of a bridal trousseau utterly romantic, and fantastically sexy.

Traditionally the trousseau, from the old French word ‘trusse’ for bundle, would have contained all a young girl owned as she went off to start her new life. Brides today are luckily in possession of their own wardrobes, and so the trousseau can be used as a brazen excuse to stock up your drawers with devilish little things that are guaranteed to start your marriage just as you mean it to continue.

For me, that means starting on the night before the wedding; the last night you will spend sleeping alone as an unmarried woman. This calls for pyjamas of only the finest most opulent silk, to caress you as you slip between the sheets, eradicating any pre-wedding nerves. I recommend the pyjama jacket and trouser combo.

The morning of the big day, the well-appointed bride will shimmy into a silken gown; the photographer will be knocking on the front door any moment, and it’s vital for a bride to be camera-ready at all times. Unconventional brides will shun the traditional white robe in favour of lurid silks – personally, I think there’s no more flattering tone in the early morning light than the rich raspberry of the Novah kimono – but those who prefer to play the virgin will swan around in a lacy Matinee kimono, a delicate pair of Loleata mules dangling from her elegant feet.

The wedding underwear is of utmost importance. If you are wearing a second skin wedding dress that requires stretchy underpinnings, then I’m afraid the only advice I can offer is this: after the ceremony you MUST take your new husband upstairs, ignore the champagne reception, and change into your proper underwear for a bridal seduction before you both get too drunk to lace yourself into your waspie. Go all out – stockings, suspenders, the whole shebang. He won’t know what hit him.

Later that night you can simplify matters by simply changing into an abbreviated slip that will caress your every curve. This will confirm in his mind that he has made the best decision of his life, but little does he know things are about to get even better. You will have packed for your honeymoon the following: an outlandishly racy playsuit with tassels for a first-night strip tease, at least two pairs of slippery little ouvert knickers, various stockings and suspenders, and at least two bombshell bikinis (I’d opt for Tricja) that will confirm to him he’s the luckiest man on the beach.

But he knew that anyway, didn’t he.