Best of Classics in Editorial

Best of Classics in Editorial


CR Fashion Book USA September 2013 Alina & Fault UK Winter 2013 Damson Corset
Alina Bra & Ouvert Brief                                                                                    Damson Corset
CR Fashion Book USA September 2013                                                     Fault UK Winter 2013

Elle Russia December 2013 Mercy and ELLE Denmark February 2014 Matinee White Kimono
Mercy Corset                                                                                                  Matinee Kimono
Elle Russia December 2013                                                                     ELLE Denmark February 2014

Esquire USA April 2012 Mercy Corset and Esquire China July 2013 Mercy Corset
Mercy Corset                                                                                               Mercy Corset
Esquire USA April 2012                                                                           Esquire China July 2013

GQ Turkey February 2013 Damson Corset and GQ Russia April 2013 Mercy Bra
Damson Corset                                                                                        Mercy Bra
GQ Turkey February 2013                                                                      GQ Russia April 2013

Jena                                                                                                               Love Bra
LUXURE Magazine May 2014                                                                  VMAN Magazine 2014

Mercy Corset
InStyle USA March 2013

GQ and VS
Maddy Bra                                                                                             Cendrillion Brief
GQ September 2013                                                                              VS Magazine 2013

New YorkClassic Dressing Gown
New York Magazine February 2014

Posted Apr 11, 2014