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Miss AP’s Little Pink Book – Rio

Miss AP’s Little Pink Book – Rio

Miss AP's Little Pink Book Rio

To quote Gisele Bundchen, Brazilian bombshell and therefore a verified authority on Rio de Janeiro, visiting Rio is like plugging yourself into a socket, so shocking and powerful is the energy that runs through you. She’s right: Rio is electrifying. From sunset caipirinhas on Ipanema beach to all-night (and all-day) parties in the favelas, and from the dizzying heights of Christ the Redeemer to the murky depths of edgy neighbourhoods like Lapa, it’s a sensory blast that’ll leave you tingling from head to toe and right back up again to where it matters.

Here’s where I like to hit up when I’m in town:

Stay: You could stay along the seafront in one of Ipanema’s tourist hotels, but it’s a bit mass. I prefer to head up to the hills to leafy, cobbled Santa Teresa where I stay in the chic Hotel Santa Teresa and drift around the elegant pool wearing my Lyssandra swimsuit and an expression of deep satisfaction.

Cocktail: A visit to the Copacabana Palace is a must, if even just to slink around in an evening dress (the Terese is just right) catching the eye of the Cariocas at the next table.

Wear: Ipanema beach is not for wallflowers. You could wear your iPod headphones as bikini bottoms and still you wouldn’t raise an eyebrow – only a smile of appreciation. And don’t think you have to be a size 10 to do it either: the more flesh you’ve got, the more you have to flaunt so choose the brightest, tiniest and showiest swimsuit you can to join the Cariocas on the beach. The Mazzy in neon or the Montana bikini should do the trick. Bright is beautiful in Rio so pack the most eye-watering lingerie you own. And don’t forget to have a tasseled playsuit handy so you are samba-ready at all times.

Eat: Just off Ipanema Beach, stock up on healthy vegetarian food by the kilo in this low-key spot. From sushi to kale salad, it’s a brilliant spot for loading up on all those vitamins you lost last night drinking shots of cachacas out of a naked woman’s navel.