A lesson in stockings

A lesson in stockings

From Fully fashioned to Fishnets here is a rundown of all the stockings that we make.

Fully Fashioned Stockings are becoming increasingly rare, only a handful of manufacturers worldwide now make them on a regular basis. They are produced on vintage knitting machinery which takes skilled engineers to operate and repair.

Original Seam & Heel Stockings are made 100% out of Nylon and are manufactured in a modern manner by steaming a tube form into a leg shape. This allows them to be mass produced and keeps costs down. They have a much more durable reinforced toe and heel and though not considered as ‘proper’ as the fully fashioned stockings and less expensive, they are a high quality stocking.

Seam & Heel Hold-ups are made the same way as the Original Seam & Heel but with a secure hold up top. Certain styles may contain Lycra making them more flexible, others may be 100% nylon.

Seam Free Stocking are made using the same method as the Seam & Heel however these stockings have no seam.

Seam Free Hold ups are made from modern materials like Lycra and polyamide which are used to make the stocking fit to the leg.

Silk Stocking: 100% silk shaped stocking, these are a higher denier than nylon stockings.

Fishnet: Elasticized mesh material available in stockings or hold ups and in various colours.

Micronet: Similar to fishnets but with a finer hole, easy to wear and durable, also available in stockings or hold-ups and in a variety of colours.

AP Exclusive Hosiery: Hosiery developments are complicated, technically difficult and can take a very long time to get right (examples include ‘diamond stocking’, ‘snake hold up’ and ‘parisienne’). These are exclusive to Agent Provocateur and further enhance the hosiery collection.