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The making of the Autumn Winter 2013 Collection

The making of the Autumn Winter 2013 Collection

The underwear designer’s mind works in mysterious ways. Where else would you find Barbarella, Salvador Dali, the naked breasts of 70s glamour girl Valerie Leon and original corsetry instructions from 1910 sharing wall space? Only in the fabled plotting quarters of the Agent Provocateur design team.

Huge tomes on Japanese ukiyo-e art jostle for space with stacks of 1970’s Playboy magazines and well-thumbed paperback copies of the Story of O, everything drip feeding its way into their sexy little minds.

I enjoy dropping in on Sarah Shotton and her team whenever I’m in the neighbourhood to keep a track on whatever is inspiring them at the time, and let me tell you, this collection has been a supersonic adventure of hyper-feminine sex appeal from start to finish. These girls do not mess about with their references.

Barbarella’s hard-on-the-outside-meltingly-soft-within armour costumes piqued the team’s interest at the start, and that in turn led to an obsession with the lost art of the corsetiers of old. From there the mind boomeranged straight into George Michael’s Too Funky video – what else? – where supermodels with dangerous curves and animal magnetism prowled the runways.

And the well-referenced erotic historian would not dare speak of dangerous curves without recalling the vixen Valerie Leon: two time Bond girl and Carry On queen, whose enormous breasts and sleepy eyes dominated the daydreams of a generation of boys and men.

Which is, come to think of it, exactly what this sizzling new collection of underwear is about to do.

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Posted Sep 4, 2013