Miss AP's Diary



Nobody expected it. Not the models, nor the photographers who had to adjust their lenses, not even the editors sitting front row, but there it was on the catwalks from London to Paris: pink. And lots of it.

Great big fleshy waves of it, from cyclamen to sherbet, fuchsia to pepto-bismol it arrived fatly and firmly into our fashion radar and announced itself as The Colour Of The Season.

‘Oh my god! Pink for Autumn how novel!’ cried one blogger to the next. And I drew my grey cashmere jumper more tightly over my powder pink bra straps and nodded, knowing that pink has always been the colour for colder months – especially if it’s your underwear.

Why do we love pink? It’s biological: men were off hunting, women had to be able to see berries, or so the science says. But why is pink sexy? Not that hard to figure out, now is it….?

Unapologetically feminine, it’s a stifled giggle, a warm light spilling from a bedroom, a heady scent, a slow lick of the lips.

That’s why we love it here at Agent Provocateur. Our love affair with pink has been going since long before autumn winter 13 was even a naughty twinkle in Sarah Shotton’s eye. Our office walls are pink, our uniforms are pink, the scented candles dotted around the studio are pink, the carpets, lampshades, swivelly office chairs and even mousepads – all pink. It makes for a deliciously feminine atmosphere and when contrasted with shiny, sexy black it’s practically an orgasm waiting to happen.

This season some of our best lingerie is pink and black – the colours we are famous for. The luxurious guipere-edged Ambrose, the newly blushing Love, the Alessia, and more treats that I can’t tell you about yet even though I really want to: they revisit that classic contrast of ultra-girl and sexy vamp that Agent Provocateur is famous for.

Get into pink this autumn and as well as feeling fabulous you’ll be perfectly on-trend. Not that that really matters. As a great designer I know once said, ‘Fashions fade; sex is eternal.’