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Deco Deviance

Deco Deviance

Sleek, streamlined, fast and flashy, the Art Deco movement was a seriously sexy design fad. One minute the world was still pining for the fin de siècle and William Morris’s flowery tapestries, the next they were up to hi jinx in fleshy pink apartment buildings in Miami. Jiving, driving, and getting up to no good – what more could you want from an era?

Being in a really good art deco space makes you feel ebullient and empowered, super-charged and kind of untouchable. And when I feel like that, there’s only one kind of hi-jink that will do the trick.

Here are the five sexiest Art Deco places I’ve been, which I urge you to visit trussed up in the powerful lines of a brazen, big-shot set of lingerie. Then find the nearest streamlined oaken cupboard and get decadent with Deco.

Villa Necchi Campiglio

Have you seen I Am Love? That strange, suffocating film with Tilda Swinton skulking her way through a torrid affair in Milan? Her home is the Villa Necchi Campiglio, and my God is it opulent. Everything, from the chest-beating front door down to the bedside lamps in the bedrooms, was designed in harmony by Piero Portaluppi. Top tip: the marble bathroom of Ginina Necchi di Campiglio is a cool place to disrobe. Extra points if you manage to swipe one of her vintage Pucci kimonos to slip into.


Claridges London

What’s black and white and inviting all over? The deco-inspired marble floor in the Claridges foyer, which inspires naughtiness in all its guises. Slip away from the ballroom to enjoy a covert drink in The Fumoir and then see if you can wangle your way into the Royal Suite – just ‘to inspect it’ you know? Make sure you ‘inspect’ the elevator on the way up too. You just need to get rid of the porter first.


Miami South Beach

A positive playground of Deco decadence, the Art Deco Historic district in Miami contains over 800 Art Deco buildings for your delight and delectation. Walk along Ocean Drive and take in their thrusting grandeur, then go again at night when they’re lit up in neon lights and you can pop into the Ralaigh for a strong Collins.


The Chrysler Building

Art Deco at its most triumphantly phallic.

Chanel Apartment, Rue Cambon

Good old Coco knew how to do things right. The multi-faceted mirror wall curving around the sweeping cream staircase is one of the most famous Deco-influenced interiors of all, and has spawned many a fashion-girl’s fantasy of what she might do in front of those mirrors. Probably selfies. An Agent Provocateur girl would put it to proper use.

Rue Cambon

Posted Aug 13, 2013