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Why everyone should own a kimono

Why everyone should own a kimono

Some women walk, some scurry, and some just waft.

If the latter is your movement of choice, you must own a kimono. Wearing a kimono requires a certain state of mind; an opulent, silken, breezy approach to life in which everything always falls into place. Why? Because you look fabulous. Think Talitha Getty on a roof in Morocco, or Rosa Fumetto in her dressing room, preparing for the show.

Kimonos speak of a decadence of eras past, when ladies lounged with intent in gilded boudoirs, and heady oriental perfumes suffused the air. I own at least fifteen kimonos, ranging from antique Chinese robes to lightest whispers of Agent Provocateur lace. The best thing about a kimono? It transports you to the very same decadent place as soon as you put it on, whether you’re slipping it on over naked skin straight after a bath, or shrugging it on with black skinny jeans and spike heels for a night out on the town.

I like to put mine on in unlikely situations, bringing my Daena rose print kimono to festivals so that I can slip it on for that first water stop of the day and feel fabulous – even if I’s paired with wellies. The Fleura I plan to wear to my next important meeting, with thigh high boots and a simple t-shirt dress. The only accessory needed? A slick of black eyeliner and a slow, lazy smile. And, waft…..