Miss AP's Diary

Miss AP’s Paris Photo Diary

Miss AP’s Paris Photo Diary

‘Paris is always a good idea.’

So said Audrey, and so says Miss AP.

Eiffel Tower

Paris, je t’aime. No matter how many times I’ve seen it, slate grey in the cool April sunlight or lit up like diamonds in the October night, the Eiffel Tower still makes my stomach do a little flip.


The Shows

                          (Stella McCartney at the Opera Garnier & Gareth Pugh at the Rothschild House)

There’s nowhere like Paris for Fashion Week – it makes all the other cities look dull, or weird, or commercial in comparison. Paris is the apotheosis of fashion, and all the city becomes a stage for the week. From the Rotchschild mansion to the Opera Garnier, the city opens its gilded doors to lay on the greatest fashion shows on earth. Here are a few of my favourites.



During fashion week, it’s always an emergency.



Came back to my hotel room one evening to find these waiting for me. Still haven’t worked out who they came from. Does it matter?


Chantal Tomass

I would never wear anything but Agent Provocateur, but I still like to see what’s out there. I popped into Chantal Thomass in between shows, and lo and behold the legend herself was there in all her 65 year old thigh-high boot-clad glory. Yes, 65. That’s  what a good sex life does for you.


Notre Dame Cathedral


One of my rare pious moments…



I met an artist at a party in a little Margarita den, and I ended up with this screen-printed on my coat the next day. Being pious in Paris doesn’t quite measure up to being fun in Paris.

Unitll next time,

Miss Ap xxx