Miss AP's Diary

Miss AP’s Milan Fashion Week Photo Diary

Miss AP’s Milan Fashion Week Photo Diary

I’m in Milan for Fashion Week at the moment and despite the constant frustration that I can’t show the best part of my Fashion Week outfits (my underwear) to the stalky street style photographers, I am having rather a good time.

For a start I’ve been catching up with an old Italian flame of mine – not a fashion industry person thankfully, but a marble worker. He moves giant lumps of marble by hand, which means he has rather astonishing arms.

But I digress. Here are a few snapshots of my Milan Fashion Week, and a few reasons (apart from the obvious) why Italians do it better.


I had a limit of 23kg which I obviously didn’t stick to. I always overpack and I never get charged. The trick? Choose a male at the check-in desk.


The Milan fashion scene is big, brash and beautiful. It’s also steeped in history which is why we go to fashion shows in venues like this, the beautiful Palazzo Serbelloni.


She’s everywhere. Nobody’s complaining.

Aperol Spritz

One of my all-time favourite drinks, and you hardly ever get it at home, except in my house because I always stock up on Aperol when I visit Italy.


Fashion Week = preposterous shoes, all the time.


There is food everywhere and at all times in Italy. This was just in the Tod’s boutique. Prosecco and a chunk of parmesan anyone? It would be rude not to…


The parties at Milan Fashion Week are legendary, and this is why: a giant tree with a pyramid of platforms all around it, people dancing on every level, and Grace Jones performing at the top. Fabulous.

Agent Provocateur

Time out to visit my girls on the 5th floor of La Rinascente, just by Milan Cathedral. A girl needs to get her fix, wherever she is.

Till next time,

Miss AP xx

Posted Feb 26, 2013